Monday, July 10, 2006

Italy wins World Cup

What was up with that game? France played much better than Italy overall, but the penalties...oh the penalties!

Did you see that head-butt that Zidane gave that Italian? Whoa. You could tell the Italian was provoking him, but Zidane should have known there were a million cameras capturing his every move. Sheesh.

The French goalie (Barthes) was making better predictions and went toward the ball all but one time. The Italian goalie I don't think ever went in the right direction. He just got lucky because that one shot hit the goal post.

What an awful way to lose. In the bar last night everyone was rooting for Italy. Many more of them come here for holidays than French. Anyway, it was fun to experience the World Cup in a country that actually cares about (proper) football and actual "world" competition. (Unlike our farce of a "world series".)


At 11:05 AM, Anonymous Leanne said...

So sad. France did play a better game (I can say this despite my biases, I swear). And the Italian player clearly provoked Zidane, although Zidane should have known better than to do something against the rules. I heard the Italian guy called Zidane a terrorist. It wouldn't surprize me. I think the Italians play dirty soccer, were quite happy to have Zidane (and Henry) out of the game.

But maybe I'm saying this because I'm a sore loser!?!

Kelly -- went to the see the cat last night. She's alive and well and wishing she were inside! I let her in for a while, but then scooted her back outside.


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