Thursday, July 13, 2006

Gramvousa island...or not

We had planned on going to Gramvousa island today, but the kids kept me up too late last night. First off, Erin lost a tooth. Actually, I yanked it out of her skull for her. She’d been complaining about it for weeks and weeks. I said yank it with some floss. She said she tried that, but still that darned tooth was just holding on. I managed to wiggle it a bit a few days ago and thought that was it, but no. So finally last night she got the courage to let me yank it. I told her to put some ouzo on the gums to numb it. She thought that was funny. I think it was more psychosomatic than anything else, but she dipped her finger in my ouzo and dabbed it on her gums. Then I reached in with my big fingers, grabbed hold of the tooth and pulled. Ouch! Oh…that’s my tooth?

So the tooth fairy made a trip to Greece and gave her a Euro. She now has 2€ that she wants to spend on ice cream.

Then Devin decided he wanted to stay downstairs to finish watching Lord of the Rings on my computer, while the rest of us headed up to bed. Erin must have got out of bed to pee four or five times. It seemed like each time I was just nodding off, and then she was up. Finally she asked me to sleep in her room. OK. I get in there, the girls start snoring, I’m working hard here on sleep, sleep…and then I hear someone coming up the stairs. There are no fabrics of any sort in the marble staircase hall, so all of the sounds echo. Door opens, opens, opens. Door closes, closes, closes. Footsteps, footsteps, footsteps. I’m thinking someone’s coming home late. Oh wait, I think I hear a knock. No, I’d better roll over and go back to bed. Knock, knock, knock, knock…I get out of bed, open the door, and there’s Devin standing there. “I’m getting eaten alive!” So then he’s back in the bed I just vacated. I’m back in my original bed, and Terry immediately passes out back to snore-sleep-snore. Why can’t I sleep?

Then there’s the 2-3am crowd leaving the bars. Joy. Everyone else is sleeping through this?!?!?

So when the alarm goes off and we’re supposed to head out to the island, I said forget y’all, I’m finally asleep and I’m staying that way as long as I can, damned the roosters anyway.

But no, I can’t really sleep in because the F-16s are out making noise again. Oh well. We’ll try heading to the island tomorrow.

I picked up our laundry today and then went to the beach. I find it’s very difficult for me to relax and do nothing but sit at the beach. I can do that for one day, but not three or four or more. And then I find I’m restless. Read a book…write some…go swim…maybe I’ll drink a beer.

And speaking of beers, here they are 500ml and 5%, so they relax me a lot more than the 12oz, 3-4% beers at home. 

We decided we’ll rent a car over part of the weekend so we can hike one of the gorges. I was thinking about doing the “easy” route of the Samaria gorge. The long route is 6 hours of trekking over 18km. I could say that the kids might not make that distance, but the truth is that I couldn’t make it. Ugh. Too much vacation laziness. I need get off my butt and do more walking like what we did at the first part of the vacation.

Only five days left in Greece. Wow. Here are some photos for you...


At 1:27 PM, Blogger sarette said...

Sleepless nights are a good time to work on that novel, Kelly. ;)

Nagging at you from the comments....

At 8:06 AM, Anonymous Gina said...

hey Kelly... I just wanted to say that I feel your pain... bathrooms, smoke, parks, etc. :) However I do know that there is a decent-size grocery store not far from Irene's. It's at the bottom of a steep driveway.. ask her. Ten years ago it stocked fairly normal food and Irene said the selection has only gotten better. And if I'm not mistaken they do have chocolate! I really hope your trip gets a little better! Now you know why I haven't been in 10 years and why I do not plan on taking the kids there ummmmm - EVER. :)
-Gina Tsouris


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