Sunday, June 25, 2006

signs in American please...

I'm always amused at the differences in language between the UK and the US. These differences are best seen in the signs posted everywhere. "Way out" is slightly amusing, especially if you grew up on the Flintstones and remember the hip band Fred played with. My all-time favorite: DEAD SLOW CHILDREN PLAYING. Without punctuation, that's hilarious. There are all sorts of signs that point down a road and say simply:

Wall -->

(You're supposed to know the wall has some historical significance.)

This sign was posted in the local grocery store. I laughed so hard. Sorry if the quality is bad. It was taken with Terry's cellphone.

It's something you'd expect in, say, Amsterdam, until you realize they mean "cup" (eg cup of noodles).

Today Terry and I are both working. We took the kids this afternoon to play in the local park. Tomorrow we head to Manchester, so I doubt I'll have any net access. Then on Tuesday morning we fly to Crete. I'll write again as soon as I find an internet cafe.

And now, we're off to a pub to watch the England match. (If you're missing one of my usual rants, check out my other blog.)


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