Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The plan so far...

Here is our rough itinerary:

20 June leave San Jose, fly via Chicago
21 June arrive London Heathrow 6:30am
26 June stay night in Manchester
27 June 6am departure to Iraklio/Heraklion Crete. Arrive 3:30pm.
4-6 July stay in Matala, the southern Cretan village where Terry and Kelly met on 24 March 1989. (If you caught yourself sighing, you're a hopeless romantic. We're not that mushy.)
6 July arrive in Chania on the west coast, stay at Irene's
18 July leave Crete (sniff!)
Try to find some last-minute tour to Spain, the Canaries, the Balaerics...keep your fingers crossed.
31 July stay in London
1 August leave LHR, arrive San Jose later that day

I've been trying to find hotels to stay at in Heraklion. I still haven't found a place. Most of the "rooms" for families are expensive apartments. The major hotels all specialize in all-inclusive packages. I just don't see the point of traveling to Greece only to hole up in a hotel, eat bangers and mash for breakfast, a relax around the pool until tea time. Not my idea of a holiday.

We're hoping to do a lot of walking, hiking, swimming, exploring, and reconnecting to each other and to our planet. Nature. Nature. Nature.

For those of you looking to follow in our footsteps, here are some sites I'm using:


As for tour books, by far the best are the Lonely Planet guides. Their website also has some great info on Crete/Kriti.

I have a long to-do list, which includes things such as get some money converted, get hotels and cars arranged, and dig up some photos of Terry and me in Greece way back when. We're hoping to show them to Georgos, the guy who owns the pub where we met.

Here's to the trip of a lifetime!


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