Saturday, June 24, 2006

Monkey forest

Today's trip was an easy one--the Monkey Forest. It's a 60-acre plot of land with two groups of macaques. This is the birthing time, so we saw one that was only 6 days old and a few that were just weeks old. They are a friendly bunch, with the males comparing, I mean, grooming themselves.

Here are a load of other images. Teagan was on my back (like the macaque) and then I helped her up onto the roof. She liked it up there.

After that, we had a party. A bunch of the neighbors came over for BBQ. I made vegetable lasagna and it was scarfed up. The girls hung around the kitchen watching me make it all--mostly because they weren't used to seeing cooking from scratch. And here I was apologizing for not making the sauce myself. :-) There was a lot of good food and pies. Best I've eaten since we got here.

We started the party with margaritas. No one had had them before. Ah, they tasted good. We drank a lot of really good bitters (beers): Old Peculiar (my favorite), Old Speckled Hen, and Ruddles County. After that, Terry opened the Maker's Mark and everyone went nuts over fine American whiskey. Needless to say, everyone was a bit tipsy.

A few of us snuck into the house to catch bits of the Argentina-Mexico game. What a drag that Mexico lost, but in the over time, Argentina did play a stronger game. I don't think I've picked a single game yet, so if you hear me rooting for one team, I suggest you bet on the opposition.


At 10:09 PM, Blogger sarette said...

But where did you get the ice for the Margaritas? Hmmm? I thought the British had yet to invent the ice cube .... Can't have margaritas without ice ....

At 3:36 AM, Blogger Kelly A. Harrison said...

We had to go to Iceland to get the ice. It's a store about 10 minutes drive from here. Then it turns out that the local store (Morrison's--sort of like a Safeway or Albertson's) actually does carry ice in 2kg bags, but Terry's family didn't know that because they never buy ice.

Yep. I figure no one here buys ice because no one here ever does your typical Califonia BBQ with the ice chest full of beer and soda and ICE. :-)

We bought two bags for the drinks and used them both.

At 3:40 PM, Blogger sarette said...

All the way to iceland? Wow. You guys are getting around.

Many years ago I visited a friend in Alaska. We were out camping and we caught some salmon that we wanted to put on ice until dinner that night. So we went looking for ice. This was sort of out in the middle of no where, but there were still these little country grocery stores around. But store after store had no ice.

Finally, we're driving down the road bummed that we can't find any ice, and we're talking about what we're going to do next in our search for ice, when I look for the 50th time at the remnants of snowbanks on the side of the road.

Umm.... snowbanks? And we need ice? Ummm.... MORE BEER.

The things we Americans do....


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