Thursday, June 29, 2006

Mπρρρρρρ! 31C

I had to laugh at a sign today. The title for this blog is a greek transliteration for Brrrrr! I saw it on a sign advertising ice cream. The Mπ together make the B sound and P (rho) is the R sound. It's 31C here. Remembering 9/5+32 (I think), that's a nice and hot 87F.

So we made it to Aγιοσ Νικολαοσ (Agios Nikolaos) on the eastern side of the island. There are three internet sites here. I'm currently at one that's run by a British couple. Unfortunately, here we can't use our own computers, but they do have skype installed and I logged in, but NONE of you are up at 7am and logged in! You slackers!

This place is gorgeous. We have two rooms in the hotel. One "room" actually has two rooms in it, one with a double bed, the other a single, and then the girls have the other room with a double bed (it's smaller). We also have a kitchenette in the big room. It's called Pergola Hotel, if you want to look it up.

We just had a late lunch next to the port. After this, we're headed to the beach.

They're having a version of "Fleet Week" here, so tonight they're doing tours of one of their "war ships" docked just down from our hotel. They will also have a few other things going on, including fire works on Sunday--not too off from 4th of July!

Did I say we're staying here for 5 nights? Ahh...this place is much more relaxed than the big city. It's also a bit more touristy, but still very Greek. Last night in Ιρακλιο (gotta love this Greek keyboard), we woke up at 4am when Teagan made a loud cough that sounded like she was puking. Both Terry and I jump out of bed, turn on lights, see that she's OK, and then he passes out and I'm left tossing and turning. Fifteen minutes later, a loud jet takes off. Talk about no noise abatement! (The planes take off west-ward and do a steep climbing turn to the north; they're in the steep climb as they raise their gear.) Then some idiot across the way decides to wash a car and the street and lord knows what else at FOUR THIRTY in the morning! I swear, it took me at least an hour to get back to sleep, and then Terry's up getting ready to run (he's so noisy).

Devin's sitting next to me playing Runescape. He got free 30 minutes by correctly doing a Sudoku puzzle. He's thrilled.

I'll definitely have some photos soon. Stay tuned.


At 11:00 AM, Blogger sarette said...

"I logged in, but NONE of you are up at 7am and logged in! You slackers!"

Hey! I logged into Skype at 1 a.m. last night and YOU WEREN'T ON! What's your excuse?

And then this morning I was doing a 30 mile bike ride while you were no-doubt snoozing away in bed. So at least I was being PRODUCTIVE.

Speaking of which, I haven't been reading in your blog about all the writing you've been doing. You, ah, have been writing, haven't you?

Page count, Kelly. I expect to see major page count by the time you get back from Greece.

- nagsRus


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