Friday, June 30, 2006

Lovin' it here

We got all settled in to the hotel and checked out a lot of the town. Terry and I found five internet cafes, so we're in business. Two of them let us use our own computers, so now I can upload some photos. (I was beginning to think I'd have to burn a CD to get them up).

I've uploaded a handful of images (reduced) and a short movie of a bus ride, so you can see how wide the roads are. The movie shows one of the widest roads we've been on.

Later today or tomorrow we'll head to Spinalonga island. Teagan doesn't want to go on the boat, but I told her you can't come to Greece (especially an island during Navy Week) and not get on a boat! Maybe I'll have photos later.

We ate at a fabulous Italian place near the marina. We ate tons of food and drank more beer. We packed some food in the hotel room, so we're good for breakfast. We'll likely have dinner in tonight. We'll see. Depends on the boat ride.

I'm trying to get us to Lasithi plateau, but the tours only go on Monday and cost a fortune. I'm going to look into renting a car for a day and taking a drive up there. We should be able to see the towns and do some minor spelunking in the Dikti Cave.

So do any of you have questions about what it's like? Anything you want to pass on to the kids? Only three people have left comments, so I feel like I'm writing into a void.

Terry went running this morning. I "slept" with Erin. That's in quotation marks because she twists like a tornado and sleeps like a rock. I got elbows in my face, knees in my back...all night long. And she nearly pushed me off the small bed. So, tonight she's with someone else!

More later.


At 4:07 PM, Anonymous Lynn said...

Hi Kelly,

I'm reading through your blog and enjoying it. I hope you see this comment and know you aren't typing into a void.

I heard it is 125 degrees in Death Valley today. The weather here in Santa Cruz is much nicer!


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