Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Air sickness...

I'm sitting in an internet cafe in Heraklion/Iraklio, Crete. I swear this is totally weird. There are about 40 men (ages 18-45) all sitting around computers gaming and smoking and smoking and gaming. Cough, cough. The sacrifices I make to let you all know we're OK. (I'm going to try coming in the morning when most of these dorks are in bed.)

Anyway, on the flight over, both Erin and Teagan threw up. I wasn't sure if they were air sick or sick of British food, but in any case, they are both fine now.

Crete has great weather. It took us a few hours to find a hotel. Everything in Heraklion is very expensive. We're staying at Lena Hotel in the center of town. It's 70Euro/night for a four-twin room. It's very spartan and caters to the backpack crowd--it's across the street from the Youth Hostel and takes their overflow at times.

I'm getting by with my rudimentary Greek. Thank God many of them speak English, but I find myself asking "Please, do you speak English" about every twenty minutes. When I say a few words in Greek, most of them are very happy, smile, and say "Ah, you speak Greek!" Uh, no. I just know how to ask dorky things like "Where is post office". I find grammar rules aren't needed to get your point across.

We took a ton of photos, but I have no way of uploading them from this computer. When I eventually find some place that has wireless, I'll load a bunch of them.

We gorged ourselves on Greek salad today. Feta cheese, cucumber, tomatoes, olives. Ah, this is the life! Oh, and we're drinking the local beer, Mythos. It's refreshing after a day of walking around the Venetian Fortress.

Tomorrow we head to Knossos. Instead of taking some packaged tour that rips off the English and German travelers, we're taking the morning bus out and then the palace plus the archeological museum are 10Euros per adult. I don't know about kids/students.

OK. I've had enough of this smoke. This asshole just blew smoke in my face. Well, he meant to hit the guy next to me, but I'd prefer not to get lung cancer.

More later. As the Greeks say goodbye: Adio. (Yeah, that's hard to remember, eh?)


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